Some foreign experts panda cigarette tobacco charisma questioned. In the course of time, I have a habit, from the age of six with cigarette indissoluble bound!. "With two years to learn to speak, a lifetime to Marlboro Red learn to shut up." Third, the judge by appearances, shop taboo. However, experts can determine is that a long time smoking will affect the health of the fetus. Just at this time the mother took the uniforms came in, as usual as opened my bag to put inside, she opened the bag of Yisha, his face suddenly sinks. At that time, I always think of a word: “Marlboro is also a kind of self sacrifice.”To be honest, smoking will make a person’s life expectancy shortened 10 years. Turkmenistan is now completely banned the sale of cigarettes, and I Marlboro Red believe a lot of people are still very happy to implement this measure, but those smokers who would be sad, because they can no longer buy Marlboro or Newport cigarettes legally in Turkmenistan.. Subsequently, the police produced a record of the investigation, he was a mother of criticism and education. And I, but in any case I can not be happy.. I was horrified to back to see is one #hbhHJVjhhBHhbHBh516# side as if nothing had happened to smoke the father, then stood up and Marlboro walked back to the room, head into quilt mindlessly burst into tears, Dad, you do not die ah! Later, I began Marlboro Red to persuade his father not to smoke Newport cigarettes, he opened the beginning is a yes Marlboro Gold man to agree with. After the reforms, the power hierarchy began to loosen, but domestic production can not meet the high-grade wholesale carten cigaret tobacco craving markets - Chinese tobacco production in 1988 to reach 10,000 cases per year. Many scientists believe that the nicotine can help suppress the brain control such as dopamine such transfer information of chemical substances released the feelings of protein, so as to alleviate Parkinson's disease and Tourette's syndrome. FeiGuo like the United Carton Of Newports States, Britain, France, Germany, etc, because of the import duty on average more than a third of your (business it is illegal to Cuban cigars, USA). A man to smoke as a spiritual food, the other side is the health hazards of yourself and others. Toxic substances in tobacco was absorbed into the maternal blood, reduce the mother's blood oxygen content, the oxygen content of the placenta is also reduced, thus affecting the development of fetus. The United States is very simple, not only the brand of cigarettes are not allowed on the TV, and other products of the same name brand can not propaganda.